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0 years my IS infiltration Symbol - VICE 0 years my IS infiltrate Symbol 0 years, the video creator median dahlia visited alone, the Dow La Al Isla Miya (commonly known as the Islamic countries, following IS), and spent a week in the caliph empire]. His still want to introduce a fresh and rare experience. Armed man was a surprised face looking at me. Is something like this Flat came journalists because was not so far. However, eyeing the timing of beyond national boundaries to wait for many days, after the failure of the time, finally [Iraq and Syria of the Islamic State] and (Iraq and Syria of Islamic countries, following ISIS, 0 date previous self-proclaimed) I was able to set foot on the first checkpoint of the territory that the organization has been called to rule. After that about a week, ruler Abubakuruaru = Bagudadi (Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi) is, was self-proclaimed [caliph] as a new religious and political authority. It is 0 years of the month, I was the event during their stay in the IS territory. Since then, ISIS came to be known as IS.
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