A render of what the Fieldhouse Towns look like.

Welcome to your sustainable home.

Can finding the perfect home help save the world? As Daniels’ first EcoUrban Designed community, Field House stands as a beacon for sustainability and conscientious living. Every effort has been made to incorporate the most cutting-edge technologies and innovative features to ensure these townhomes are not only beautifully designed but also built to ensure a long lasting positive impact on the environment.

Your dream home is all in the details.

  1. Solar panels generating on-site renewable energy
  2. Energu recovery ventilator
  3. Hign efficiency heat pump
  4. Low VOC paint
  5. High performance building envelope
  6. Triple glazed windows
  7. Heat pump dryer
  1. Low flow faucets (kitchen/bathroom sink/shower)
  2. Single flush low consumption toilets
  3. Energy efficient LED ceiling light fixtures
  4. Insulated metal main entry door
  5. Drain water heat recovery
  6. Fully wired electric vehicle charging, complete with SAE J1772 connector
Illustration showing sustainable features. There are numbers that correspond to the 14 items listed above.

What is the EcoUrban Designed concept?

Daniels would like to give people the option of reducing their contribution to climate change without making dramatic changes to their lifestyles. Our EcoUrban Designed communities take advantage of innovative technologies to reduce the carbon emissions that these new homes produce.

Why EcoUrban?

Daniels cares about the environment and how it will impact our generation and future generations to come. In Toronto, approximately 45% of greenhouse gas emissions come from buildings.1 Therefore, improving the performance of the homes we live in is one of the most meaningful contributions we can make. Daniels wants this to be easy for you.

What makes Field House so unique?

Field House towns are some of the first homes in Toronto where you can live fossil fuel free. The vast majority of greenhouse gas emissions from buildings comes from the burning of natural gas for heating the space and the production of hot water. By changing to all electric systems we can eliminate the burning of fossil fuels for heating and hot water production and dramatically reduce the carbon emissions associated with the homes.2

Will the reliance on electricity impact my bills?

You’re right to be concerned as electricity is comparatively more expensive than gas. That, however, is offset by improvements to the building’s envelope (walls and windows) and the inclusion of drain water heat recovery. High efficiency mechanical units and appliances also greatly reduce the amount of energy required for heating and hot water production. Plus, on-site renewable energy generation through the rooftop solar array lowers the amount of electricity required to be purchased from the grid.3

Flowers with buildings in the background.

View our recorded webinar presentation to learn more about Field House and its sustainable features.

Just how much better are Field House ECOURBAN TOWNHOMES?3









What other benefits come from owning a Field House home?

You can expect a better quality living environment. The improved envelope and triple glazed windows make for a quieter home with greatly improved thermal comfort. Your home will also be less drafty and spaces next to windows will feel warmer during the deep of winter. Indoor air quality will be improved as well through increasing the air tightness and the removal of fuel burning appliances.

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  1. According to Toronto Atmospheric Fund
  2. Unlike most townhomes, Field House uses all electric building systems and no natural gas is burned on-site for space or water heating. In 2018 and 2019, 94% of the power from Ontario’s electric grid came from non-fossil fuel sources, such as hydroelectric, nuclear, wind and solar (per the IESO). At Field House, a portion of the electricity used by the homes is provided by the on-site solar panels, further reducing the amount of power drawn from Ontario’s grid.
  3. Based on energy modeling analysis performed by WSP. Actual energy usage and costs will vary according to annual temperature variations, as well as occupant use. These values are estimates to demonstrate the relative performance improvements seen by Field House towns as compared to standard townhomes and Daniels does not warrant or guarantee these numbers as exact values.