Husband and wife are preparing dinner in an open concept kitchen. One daughter is sitting in a high chair and the other is playing on the living room rug.

Features and finishes

Field House interiors are designed with a quiet confidence that will feel fresh, modern and sophisticated. Natural materials will abound and provide the perfect canvas for your lifestyle. Premium materials used throughout will ensure timeless quality — a benchmark of EcoUrban thinking. With a clean and elegant aesthetic, the features and finishes in these homes are not only on the cutting-edge of design, but also leading the charge in sustainability.

From sleek cabinetry, quartz countertops and chrome hardware to triple glazed windows and solar trellises to generate renewable energy — every inch and detail has been thoughtfully designed to make these homes truly one of a kind.

500 Dundas St., East
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 2B4

Monday to Thursday and Weekends:
By Appointment Only
Friday: Closed

  1. According to Toronto Atmospheric Fund
  2. Unlike most townhomes, Field House uses all electric building systems and no natural gas is burned on-site for space or water heating. In 2018 and 2019, 94% of the power from Ontario’s electric grid came from non-fossil fuel sources, such as hydroelectric, nuclear, wind and solar (per the IESO). At Field House, a portion of the electricity used by the homes is provided by the on-site solar panels, further reducing the amount of power drawn from Ontario’s grid.
  3. Based on energy modeling analysis performed by WSP. Actual energy usage and costs will vary according to annual temperature variations, as well as occupant use. These values are estimates to demonstrate the relative performance improvements seen by Field House towns as compared to standard townhomes and Daniels does not warrant or guarantee these numbers as exact values.